domingo, 6 de março de 2011

Life is life

If you ask me why do I love you I won’t answer, because I don’t know. It’s amazing how everything has a reason, a meaning. Have you ever asked yourselves why?
Well, these videos are the answer. They seem so natural, so passionate, so spontaneous. And they’ve ever asked themselves why?
My point is, this is a real thing, this is not acting, and this is life. I see smiles, I see mistakes, imperfection, expressions, that’s why it’s so inspiring – art.
In my opinion, this is as beautiful as a Watteau painting.I even dare to say that this is prettier.
I know that these videos are old, but the concept is eternal.
I have a challenge for you, followers: Turn on the second video, close your eyes, and listen the music. You will know what you are not seeing. Because you know by heart the law of life.


1 comentário:

  1. Estão muito loucos estes videos! Não conhecia e achei bem giros! Gosto muito do último porque é super divertido!