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Jessica Stam for Russh #39

I love these photos of the magazine's editorial Russh.
Jessica Stam's face is perfect and very clean.

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Arizona Muse

 Photographed by Glen Luchford
Self Magazine Issue n°34
Styling by Marie Chaix

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Emmanuelle Alt "THE ESSENTIALS"

Emmanuelle Alt, editor-in-chief, Vogue Paris

1. Boots
Vivienne Westwood black suede pirate buckle boots.
Martin Margiela beige suede Camarguaise boots for everyday wear.

2. Bags
Jimmy Choo black fringed bag.
Louis Vuitton Speedy bag by Sofia Coppola.
3. Coats
Rick Owens big fur coat.
Balmain jackets from any season.
4. T-shirts
Balmain from any season.
Uniqlo classic men’s t-shirt in the smallest size because it has a better fit.
Vintage because the cotton feels much softer.
5. Jeans
Topshop Baxter jeans.
J Brand flares or slim fit.
6. Sweaters
Prada classic cashmere sweater for its perfect fit.
Ralph Lauren classic cable-knit round neck sweater.
7. Underwear
Petit Bateau classic white cotton panties, I’ve worn them for years.
Stella McCartney days-of-the-week panties.
8. Cartier tank watch
Gold with black crocodile-leather strap.
9. Ray-Ban
Tortoiseshell aviator sunglasses.
10. Jewelry
I love Buccellati lace and diamonds.
11. iPad
My travel essential for playing games on the plane.
12. iPod
I love listening to music.
13. Books
I love to buy books at the airport, in any style depending on my mood.
14. Perfume
Prada Infusion de Fleur d’Oranger
15. High heels
Alaïa to wear to the shows.


E 2ªFeira já ºe Primavera!
Peço desculpa de não andar a postar assim nada de especial mas ando super super ocupada, logo que possa postarei mais coisas interessantes!


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hey girls and boys

Helloooo Sweeties!
Peço desculpa por não por nada a muito tempo ando andado ocupada e ainda nao pus no meu MacBook as fotografias que tirei do backstage da moda lisboa. Logo que possa posto as fotografias.
Agora deixo-vos aqui com algumas fotografias que fui encontrando em vários sites e de que gosto!

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work in Lisbon Fashion Week

Bom diaa! Hoje é dia de mais Moda Lisboa e para não falar que já estou um pouco atrasada!
Pensam que é para ir divertir mas lá vou eu trabalhar mais um dia para a Lisbon Fashion Week.
Espero que hoje os designers me surpreendam mais uma vez.
E beijinhos para todas, em breve espero ter aqui umas fotografias do backstage da Moda lisboa!

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Christine Centera

I love Christine Centenera is one of my favourite personalities of the fashion industry.

I love the way she combines the clothes and the photos are fabulous, i love the sweaters!

domingo, 6 de março de 2011

Life is life

If you ask me why do I love you I won’t answer, because I don’t know. It’s amazing how everything has a reason, a meaning. Have you ever asked yourselves why?
Well, these videos are the answer. They seem so natural, so passionate, so spontaneous. And they’ve ever asked themselves why?
My point is, this is a real thing, this is not acting, and this is life. I see smiles, I see mistakes, imperfection, expressions, that’s why it’s so inspiring – art.
In my opinion, this is as beautiful as a Watteau painting.I even dare to say that this is prettier.
I know that these videos are old, but the concept is eternal.
I have a challenge for you, followers: Turn on the second video, close your eyes, and listen the music. You will know what you are not seeing. Because you know by heart the law of life.


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WHAT IS TABOO ANYWAY? - "A taboo is a strong social prohibition relating to any area of human activity or social custom that is sacred and forbidden based on moral judgment and sometimes even religious beliefs. Breaking the taboo is usually considered objectionable or abhorrent by society".
You may know that fashion has changed a lot. This year in fashion it's all about difference, revolution. Colors, new fabrics. YOU CERTAINLY must have seen the Jil Sander's collection or the Prada prints or stripes.
"to become independent!" - "emancipation", "to be free" - creativity and autonomy.
In my world women wear hats, in my world i can set myself free and let my skirt fly, even show a little leg, in my world i can scream out loud, say that i love whoever i want, in my world i can cross my legs, i can have  a moment with the people i love, even if it takes an eternity. In my world, i can use some color whenever i want, i can use stripes, bananas prints, stripes. In my world perfection is imperfection, imperfection is art and art is you, it's what come from inside of you. In my world you can get used to me or not. Just, do not bother me! 



photos by Clément Jolin

I don't know why but i love these photos
see more in http://www.clementjolin.com

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I love Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin
One of my favourite icons

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congratulations Filipe Oliveira Baptista

I love all the outfits!
Paris Fashion Week